Friday, May 22, 2009

Brief Service Announcement...

Okay, so, there probably isnt any human being on Earth who doesnt listen to music.
Although, for some strange reason,
I cant help but be concerned for all the 106 and Park watching,
Power 105 listening people who call theselves music fans.
There are tons of different genres of music.
You dont have to listen to the same types of music all bloody day long.
So, Ive decided I'll show you guys real music.
Give you guys a taste of something new.

First,... for the R&B lovers, here is Teedra Moses.

She's been in the music business for quite some time.

Not only is she a great singer, but also songwriter.

She's written for plenty artists, including Christina Milians One and Only hit,

"Dip It Low". Considering that, she deserves some credit.

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