Friday, May 29, 2009

Is this how things go?

As usual, I didn't get any sleep.
Not even an hour.
I've been up for almost 30 hours.
I was so amped up for the day, I COMPLETELY forgot I was tired.
Monday would be the first day of Summer Session I for CUNY and I decided to register for classes. I went to City Tech as soon as it opened,
to only find out, I was still enrolled in Kingsborough and I needed to get the paperwork done before I could start.
I left campus went home to hang out with my "Guy Friend" of 2 1/2 years and it was the worst.
He comes to the house, jokes around with my cousin...
We're all having a sweet ol' time.
After she leaves, ya know, there was a little smooch-smooch, kissy kissy face going on, lol,
But, of course, I'm not trying to take anything anywhere with this guy.
We tried the whole Boyfriend- Girlfriend thing,
It just didn't work.
But ever since he heard about my last run in with my Ex, he's been semi-consistent.
I honestly just don't wanna go there with him.
Have you ever known someone who was almost perfect?
Great looking, good sense of humor, well dressed, the over all people person...
But theres that one thing about them you just cant deal with?

This guy has a MILLION and ONE female friends.
If you look at his page,
its PLASTERED with girls.
Today, when he asked me to be his girlfriend for the thousandth time,
I said to him,
"No girl wants to be in a relationship with a guy who knows more girls than she does".
I mean, call me insecure, but its the truth.
Just the same as no guy wants to be with a girl who's only girl on their MyFAVES are their mom.
Thats the truth.
The second and most important thing is, the sex situation.
I made an oath with myself to wait until I was married.
Regardless the end result,
I refuse to be the girl who has FOURTEEN names to her body.
And my friend of 2 1/2 years has been trying to be number one for all 2 1/2 years.
Its really tiring.

So, anyway, while he was at my house,
We were having a great ol' time watching tv and he starts making kissy face again.
It was all sweet until he started to go hard,...
Going places he doesnt need to go, if ya know what I mean ; 0
Thats when I had to put things in chill mode.
Once I did, the argument concerning why we cant be together came up.
The man just couldnt understand why I didnt wanna be with him.
Maybe its just me, but he didnt realize the only time the boyfriend girlfriend talk came up is when the sex talk came up.
Now, I know for a fact Im no goodie two shoes,
But I just dont wanna go there with anyone.

After leaving my house in a childish tantrum,
He texts me.
Here's the convo:

"You take me for a fool"
"If you really wanted to be with me, you wouldnt make me feel a way about us having sex. You should be fine just spending company time with me."


"I do... but we chill everytime, dat s**ts wack. If it was all about sex I wouldve been stopped talking to you"
(thats what they all say)

"Do You realize how silly this is?! If hanging out on the couch is wack, then find something else to do. I'm not having sex and if you cant deal, then idk what to say"


"I dont even wanna have sex with you nemore cause you act like a little girl... I just like you cause you cool.... you so worried about me playing you..."

Yatta, Yatta, Yatta...

Sounds like an ad from the "Just Say No Campaign, doesnt it?" HA!

The point is, he's really sweet,...
Yes, Yes,.. Mommy likes him,
but, the guy wants to have sex.
He's been trying to since the day I met him.
What I cant seem to understand is-
Why does he keep trying after all these years having not got anything?
Is this how things go?
I'm sure with out a doubt he has many girls to choose from.
Why me?
I mean, If its not just sex alone, give me your time.
Show me that your interested in me and not my Noonies.

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