Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Scented Toilet Tissue?

Can anyone tell me what scented toilet tissue is?
What the heck is scented toilet tissue?
I mean, If your bum smells like cat turd, the simple solution is to take a shower.
Soap included.
Seriously, though... "Fresh Linen Scented Toilet Tissue?"
Whats the purpose?
Make It Lady from the UK states:

"I just bought some toilet paper that was on offer. When I got
it home I discovered it was scented. The scent was fresh linen! Firstly, why
would anyone want scented toilet paper and secondly, who would wipe their nether
regions on fresh linen. I wouldn't want this person stopping in my guest

Just use Cottonelle Kleenex Toilet Tissue...
I promise.
It works.
It cleans.
Otherwise, take a shower.

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