Sunday, May 24, 2009

SoHo Room

After realizing that we had no chance of getting to whatever SoHo party we intended on, our next best shot was FOOD.
My best friend Amanda along with my cousin Merisa, and I toured SoHo in search of food.
We wound up walking in a complete circle until we came upon

SoHo Room

Every other Thursday, I'd pass from work
seeing maybe 20-25 people dining seemingly enjoying themselves and I always wanted to go in.
Finally, we came upon the restaurant and decided to try it out.
The food.
Not so good.
The service.
The ambience was awesome.
I probably wouldnt suggest a late dinner,
but, its definitely a good location for an early lunch or quick lounging after work.
Make sure your pockets are filled.
You can hardly get an appetizer for under 10 bucks.

Merisa had a blast. So much,... she paid the $75 bill.

Amanda, not soo much,

So, the night ended. 3am.

Try it at your own risk: 203 Spring St New York, NY 10012
(212) 334-3855‎


  1. why the fuck is merisa on the floor? lmfao

  2. I'll tell you why I'm on the floor, hopefully Sharina won't mind this little anecdote.

    So remember Sharina's **mediocre boo**? ((Lol)) Well dropping Amanda home, we happen to run into his cousim...(Amanda, remember?)... It wasn't uncomfortable at all, pretending to be excited to see someone whom you obviously NEVER want to see again-- we were totally cool with it.

    That wasn't the end of it. After we walk Mannii home and we make our way back to our own resting place, why do we decide ""oh, let's not walk down Herkimer, let's walk down fulton!"" And guess who we see on the corner of Nostrand & Fulton waiting for the 25?


    But instead of doing that thing that we all do when we run across someone we dont want to talk to-- where you say whatever it is you want to say to them, but you keep walking in the opposite direction-- Nina does the polite thing.

    She actually stops to recognize his existence.

    Which prompts a mini-exchange of commentary about MTA-- immediately, things turn awkward; somehow, something in the summer night air makes this guy want to invite himself to walk down Fulton with us, as evidenced by his verbally expressed frustration with waiting for the bus and his timely decision that he "just might walk home, too," and ((SURPRISE, SURPRISE)) he has to walk in the same direction as we do.

    We're scared now-- so to avoid what we know is going to be an uncomfortable walk home (buzz-kill!), we decide to end the conversation abruptly to continue our trek home. When we get to New York, we realize that he really was going to walk home, and we freak out when we see he's right on our heels... I think he has an umbrella in his hand because he's trekking with the aid or some kind of walking staff thing that's somehow making him walk fast..and faster and faster and fasterer...

    So we start fukkin speed walking, NO LOOKING BACK, like how they do on the movies when the girl is trying to get away from the killer or like when the bad guys are trying to get away from the cops but they dont want to run out of fear of drawing attention to themselves.

    We neared Kingston and sped around the corner, and once safely on Herkimer, Sharina says, "He was really behind us though, like he really would have caught up to us though--" and just then, I looked back, and saw the guy, focused, still trekking steadily, with purpose in his stride, demented look in his eyes, foaming at the mouth.

    I begin to hyperventilate. And I hit the floor.

    Convulsing with laughter.

    It was a close encounter.

  3. lmfaoooooo merisa you my dear are a character.