Monday, June 1, 2009

Sunday Mornin'

Usually on Sundays, I'm awakened to a mass of confusion.
My mother rushing me to get dressed, somebody fighting for make-up
Who and who needs to use the iron,... its all just hectic.
This morning was different.
Everyone was in an unusually calm state.
Who needs help with what, jokes on every corner, it was really sweet.
By the time we got to church, I was open and ready to- just hear a word from God.
The message today was pretty basic, but I felt as if it were directed to me alone.
I kinda laughed to myself saying

"Well, if the man wanted to speak to me about something, he could've just called me",
He explained that Christians are people who messed up and want to be Christ-like.
Ya know, for all of us. There's a period in time where we made some MAJOR mistakes.
Like, a good six months or even two years where we just felt like "doing me"

(Not literally ME, like "Nina" me, but me- "myself"- yourself).

I can honestly say that once I graduated High School, I was in the whole "I'm gonna do what I wanna do, because I'm always doing what I have to do. I wanna do something for myself for a change" mindstate.
I mean, theres nothing wrong with doing for yourself, but, have a motive to it, ya know?
And that wasn't what I was doing.
So, along the way of "doing ourselves", we, ended up making bad situations worse, and if not,
Making entirely new issues that never even existed!
But, afterward, we find our way back on the right track

(for some of us, that's God),

And get so high and uptight- forgetting that we were once the same as the people we're discomforted around.
I hate that!

But, that's besides the point.

The part that hit home for me was...
When you feel like you've done the worst possible thing there is...
or that you've made the biggest mistake and you just want ONE THING to work out for you...
Every single one of us know we at some point say
"God, please figure this out, man, like,... you gotta help me out SOME TIME?!".

And THATS the moment where he's listening the most!
That's the point when things can only change for the better!

For example,...

A clear glass sitting on the counter.
No water's in it.
With the pitcher full of water in your hand- ready to fill the glass,
Where else can the water go?
Can it go underneath the glass?
Can it go all over and around the glass?
If you pour water into the glass,
It has no choice but to rise up and into the rim.

I dont know if that made any sense,
But, my point is,
I had been feeling pretty crappy about the events of my LIFETIME.
Like, the past few months sucked MAJOR balls for me,
And I just needed a break.
But, when your at the point of realization that your life is in a frikkin heap of crapola

(Yes, that's one of my words,.. Crapola),

And you feel as if your going absolutely nowhere with what your doing,
the only direction you can go is up,
and I really needed to hear that today.
So, try church...
No, correction,...
Try Jesus...
It just might work*

Then again, your always invited to church with me.
I'm no super christian hero kinda girl,
I mean, we all have things we disagree with, but, I honestly think it works.
I'm not a frikkin retard just talking to myself and making up answers.
Enough of the

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