Sunday, June 21, 2009

Back to regular Programming.

Hey guys!
Well, I've been neglecting you all on my personal life and daily ridiculousness.
But of course...
Couldn't veer too far away from that.
I dated this guy I met a few months ago.
Great guy.
Unfortunately,... not great enough.
Now, wait. Hear me out.
I'm not being outrageously picky.
I mean, on first encounter basis, my ideal guy is tall (5'11+),
Brown skin, dark caesar, good skin, athletic, music oriented, appropriately employed, lol... all that.
All those things are epitome qualities id want "my guy" to poses.
I personally don't think its much to desire,.. no biggie, right?
Of course, there are gonna be those guys who catch my eye...
Not exactly David Beckham, but well dressed, super masculine, great smile...
Or Jay Hernandez to a T, but is a starving artist without much of a steady income.
Its cool.
Moneys no biggie right now... that comes in during marriage talk, and Im nowhere near it.

But, back to the main topic,
This guy was cool.
I met him a night out with my friends.
He was well dressed, well spoken, great sense of humor.. all the good stuff.
After speaking to him for a while, of course, i got to know about his personal life.
Now, I love when I can speak to a guy, and he feels comfortable sharing intimate details about himself.
Its nice to know that he trusts me with that.
But, after seriously joking about having a sexually transmitted infection, mid- twenty something, and no job OR career,... is where yuh really tink dis friendship gon go?
I most definitely had to put on my accent for this one.
Clearly, the fact that he felt comfortable sharing that information with me shows he either
A) Is mentally delusional (my statement for the year)
B) Is used to dealing with women or girls who entertain that nonsense.
Maybe its my South American/ Caribbean culture that trained me to believe that men should work, strive for success, and have some sense of respectable pride.
I don't wish to know... atleast not within the first month bout your STI you cant treat because your job at Wendy's fired you for you ganja addiction, lol.
Don't do it, man... just don't do it.

So, upon notice of this guys... problems
I resorted to be reiteratively truthful.
"I am not looking for a relationship (with you)"
"Your a really good friend (from a distance)"
"Yeah,.. I'm fine with being single (if my only option is you, yes)".

But for some strange reason.... he wasn't hearing ANYTHING I had said.
We'd speak on the random, and he'd repeatedly express how he wanted a girlfriend.
Then, he'd proceed to verbalized his level of maturity....
Right up until he asked me to be his girlfriend.

The mere fact that he sincerely believed... with all of his liabilities...
Not to mention his sophomoric tactic
showed me that, not only was he not ready for a relationship with me,
But he just, flat out wasnt my type.

He'd literally whine about it on the phone.
A twenty something year old?!
Lives with mummy.
Its ridiculous,

Please guys, please....
Don't get the wrong idea about me.
I'm not grimey or cold hearted.
It just frustrates me to have to deal with guys who aren't grown up, but want grown up responsibilities,
I'm kidding,... sounding like my Mum.
But, seriously...
I have to be like this.
Because, one day, your gonna have to meet my mum.
And, of course, she'll be respectful to you.
But I'm gonna have to hear it about how strangely prepubescent you are.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Hey Arnold!

Everyone knows that the 90's were the good ol' days.
Back when Doug and Power Rangers were the Sheezy.
Well, heres a treat for the young at heart.
Mi Favorito.

hey arnold! - helga's show, the flood

Kevin Leong.

You might have seen him in a few episodes of Run's House as Russell Simmons Head Designer for Phat Farm.
Or maybe in random fashion shows of NYC.
25 year old Kevin "Saer" Leong apparently made his debut while interning for Def Jam at age 18. Coincidently bumping into Russell Simmons on an elevator, the two exchanged words of Fashion Wisdom thereby instigating his hire as a Phat Farm intern.
Now, I personally wouldn't call him Americas Best dressed designer, but
This guy is certainly dripping in Swag Flu, lol.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Jamie Foxx & Drake Perform Digital Girl.

This was truly a strange performance.
Didn't really feel a good vibe from the audience.
Jamie's voice was a little ashy.
Oh, and, pay attention to how Drake gives ZERO eye contact to Jamie when he comes in.
The guy just couldn't keep still!
I sorta-kinda get the feeling he might be drinking the cough syrup juice from Weezy.
Check it out.

Attack of the Deep V!!!! Aggghhh!!!

Look, I love the idea of guys with crisp clean -
"Yes, Im wearing the right size" Tee
Paired with Classic Levi's Slim- Straight denim, Banana Republic Gingham Short Jacket and Ralph Lauren Ranger Boot.
I appreciate it.
It makes me feel clean, lol.
But, hold on to your hats guys!
Your not off the hook.
Who's idea was this- other than my ultra feminine neighbor who wore it in attempts to create the illusion of cleavage for his life partner?
Why are you doing this?
Now, because you guys wanna be all fashionable and follow the trend incorrectly,
Millions of women have just trained themselves to avoid eye contact with you.
Regardless of how straight you claim to be,
the Deep V-Neck Tee your wearing appears to be speaking differently.
Hey, hey, hey,...
Don't get me wrong.
I love guys who wear crew necks and v-necks.
No, I don't discriminate.
But, I just feel I have to inform you that when you wear this,
Your flashing a "Not available for YOUR gender" sign.
Take this into consideration, guys.
If not for me,
do it for the betterment of mankind.

Introducing...The Knux

Im sure for a fact you read that status message on my Facebook a few times?
Or not?
But, The Knux (For some reason, I keep spelling it KNUCKS)
are freakishly awesome.
I first saw'em on my favorite channel VH1 Soul in their Video F!RE (Put it in the Air).
I didn't realize that their song Daddy's Little Girl was the opening song on Angela & Vanessa Simmons Daddys Girls.
Anywho, I love them.
Their receding hairline Afro/Dread/Twists are cool to look at.
Not to mention, their sound is organic and the best to play to liven up a party.
But, the info...
Their both brothers from New Orleans.
Kentrell "Krispy Kream" Lindsey and Alvin "Rah Almillio" Lindsey (My Guy)comprise the group.
Anyway, support them.
Request them.
Listen to their music.
I, for one will do all three.
That, as well as donate to cream for their receding hairlines.
F!RE (Put it in the Air)

Friday, June 12, 2009

::The Messenger of Rejection::

Nothing hurts worse than being the receiver of rejection.
But,... I must admit, it hurts just as bad when your the sender.
I mean, we all know that at some point of our lives, we experienced some sort of unrequited love, interest, and/ or attraction.
Put ourselves out there- made ourselves vulnerable for some lowly guy or girl, to eventually be shut down, turned away, or in whatever way discontinued.
But it sucks just as badly to be the messenger of rejection.

At one point, I had been friends with this on guy for about 2 months.
To be completely honest, I got tired of him.
And yes, I took advantage of his presence because I was bored.
Whenever I'd get bored, I'd call him.
Whenever I wanted to laugh for a few minutes, I'd call the guy.
It wasn't until I got completely bored and frustrated with his needy... needyness, that I realized It was time to cut him off.

Time went on, giving me an opportunity to think about the way I treated this guy.
I mean, I had, not too long before been in the same situation with someone else, being on the bad end of the bargain.
How much different was I from the guy that "G'd" me?
As I avoided his constant attempts to reunite,
I started to feel even worse.
I thought about it for a good while.
Its never cool- playing with someone's emotions for your own personal comfort or insecurity.
Either way, however it ends up happening, what you do will bite on the neck and I guarantee you'll feel the pain of that person.

When I was about 8years old, my mom dated this guy.
They had a two year long relationship,... talked marriage, the works.
He eventually betrayed her, leading to the end of their relationship.
Eleven years came and went.
Upon the passing of my dear aunt, he came to her funeral,
(considering his,... ya know, relation to the family).
This guy was married, two children.
He lived with the guilt
This man repeatedly apologized to my sister and I... explaining to us how much he loves my mother and didn't mean to hurt us.
Humorously enough, he told us he still considers us his children and still holds on to the artwork and toys we gave him.
Pathetic, isn't it?

Clearly, you guys should see my point.
No matter what the situation,... how it turns out, what it looks like,
It hurts to be the sender of rejection.

I think I might be a fan?

Algebra Blessett.
I've been fighting her name for the longest.
Friends of mine would have her on their Myspace top friends list...
My cousin Tiffany would talk about her music, but I just never fancied her.
It wasnt until my sister played one of her songs
"What Happened?" on her Purpose album.
I fell in lo ve with that song.
And when I say "fell in love", I mean,... the song has to be played at least three times.
Check her out, guys!

Iluvu2much (Feat. Algebra Blessett) - Eric Roberson

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Chanel Iman

Chanel Iman.
She's the coolest African-American model there is today.
Only 19 years old with a resume to kill for.
She's walked for GAP (My new company,...yay!) Dolce & Gabbana, and Marc Jacob.
I'd see every once in a blue featured in Teen Vogue Magazine and InStyle and really admire the way she dresses and carries herself.
Growing up the awkward girl in Atlanta, Georgia to become a world renowned Super Model is well worth it.
Rumored to have been dating musical genius Ryan Leslie, she managed to steer away from the harsh and in my opinion freakishly retarded world of gossip (ie: MediaTakeout) and maintain her untarnished image.
Check her out yall! :)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Who's the Best?

I've been MIA from my blog.
I have someone who I would love to introduce to you guys.
My sister...
I can honestly say I have the best sister in the history of America!
I can date ALL the way back to the early 90's.
I was a mere adolescent.
Back then, I'd do the most rediculously stupid things ever.
Light the carpet with matches...
Iron the carpet...
Stack boxes on the shopping cart to see how high I'd get.
I was a truly strange kid.
But my sister,... she was the good one.
The smart one.
I'd get into so much trouble, and she'd take the blame for it.Broke the bathroom counter...
She took the blame...
For my 18th Birthday, took me on the greatest shopping spree ever!
Did my home work for me...
Supported my pursuit of music.
She's the best.
I havent been the most supportive and encouraging sister.
And, I feel that she deserves this acknowledgement.
Right now in life, she's taking summer classes at College of Staten Island.
She ended her second year at Clark-Atlanta University
and is continuing her degree in Business.
Freshman year of her college career,
She was awarded as the only freshman to maintain higher than a 3.5 GPA.
Although she's harrassing me to use my laptop,
She deserves any and everything she wants.
And If I can give that to her in any way,...
I will.
And here she is!!!
(Lets all give her a round of applause!)

Oh,.. by the way...

She's officially a member of the Mac Fam Organization...

The FOOL's!

Her Fool Name? Rum Boogy Don... lol

The name says it all

Last But not least... This is for you!

Happy Birthday!


Monday, June 8, 2009

Road Trip

So, I've been gone for a while, but theres more than enough to talk about.
I went on a road trip to Rochester.
Had a BLAST!
My cousin Alicia was celebrating her birthday.
We went to Darien Lake Amusement Park and had a great time.
Here are the pics!
(Wish you couldve came Mannie!)

Friday, June 5, 2009

Late Late Night Art Gallery Shin Dig

Tonight has been one of the most superlative nights I've had in a LONG time.
A good friend of mine, Rebekah invited me out.
Her brother Sly planned to attend an art gallery and she thought I should come.
Along for the ride, was my super fun cousin Merisa.
She always knows how to have a great time.
It was so frikkin strange though.
The whole time I was there, I kept asking myself,
"Who has art showcases after 8pm?"
But it was soo awesome.
While we were there,... met some pretty cool people.
Not to mention....Free drinks. All night.
Take a look, guys.
(Well, not literally "GUYS",... When I say "GUYS", I just mean "YOU GUYS". I don't discriminate lol)

The train ride... that wasn't exactly the most EXCITING part of the night...

Met up with my homie doo wop Rebekah

These kids, lol... the guy (Steven: Personal Stylist) asks me to take a photo of him since he forgot his camera... as you can see, its CLEARLY on his wrist, lol. They were straight though.

This one... mi favorito. Created by Jayson (With a "Y") Atienza... funny guy

Taking this photo was a lot of fun. Some random pretty Blondie woman walked up to us.. shouting a little too loud over the music "You guys want me to take a photo of you? I LOVE taking photographs!"

So this frikkin awesomely cool photographer... Jason.. stops me and says "Hey, you have an interesting look, can I take a photo of you?". A few moments later, he stopped Merisa and asks the VERY same thing... Verbatim, lol. He was awesome though, :]

This picture is my favorite. Natashaaa... A really sweet friend of Rebekah and Sly's. The first thing she said when she saw us was "You two are so beatiful... nice smiles", in her very European accent lol.

LOL!!! HA!!! This was the highlight of my night. All I know was the light turned green and... the girl was stretched out on the pavement. A true genius.

Of course,... food had to fit in this story at SOME point. We hit up Puck Fair. Using only our charm and wit, lol,.. the bouncer let us in. The food was awesome.

Cab ride home was awesome. 20 bucks. Ya gotta love the Yellow Cabs... : ]

To some people, the night might seem simple and corny or just not fun enough to use the word "superlative". It wasnt your typical night out... loud deafening music, FIFTEEN THOUSAND people stepping on your brand new boots or, lights so dim you could hardly see your teeth. The night was smooth because I spent it with some really cool people... hanging out,... listening to music.... drinking, laughing, and getting to know one another.

Didnt even have to stay out till 4am with a hangover and a tat of the name of a guy named Hank.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Don't Be Bored...

Watch Family Guy!
Now, usually, I don't condone this kind of nonsense (lol),..
But, I'm guilty.
I. Watch. Family Guy.
I can remember my very first encounter.
It was a misty spring night in Williamsburg.
After a great dinner with on of my good friends,
We took a cab to my friends house.
After making myself comfortable, in his living room...
He pulled it out.
He pulled out his...
His Family Guy DVD!
And yes,... I liked it.
I liked it darn good.
Check this out...


Okay, so...
I have the coolest Mom in the WORLD people!
Like, I won't even go into the thousands of retarded stories about this woman.
I mean, she's an Entrepreneur,
Super fashionable,
ALL the young guys want her...
(sometime,... even the ones I like, which isn't always.. ya know... cool, lol)
But, she's going away to South America...
Her homeland,...
LOL..... HA!
(Yeah,.. I don't expect you to get that one... right over your head, lol)

But, she's going to see my grandparents...
THEREFORE subconsciously permitting me to throw a party!!!
Isn't she just amazing?!?!?
So... here ya go!
Check out my Mommy!
(Well... I dont mean LITERALLY check her out, but like,.. look at her... like, SEE what she looks like, lol)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

As I Promised...

So, yesterday, I told you guys I had two surprises for ya.
Today was my interview with GAP.
I got there late. About, 15 minutes late.
Not so too much of a good look.
I got the job.
Pay,... so-so.
But hey, I went from Old Navy SoHo
To GAP- 5th Ave.
The only problem now is-
They didnt tell me the day of orientation.
My cousin is celebrating her 23rd Birthday and we're all going up to Rochester.
I'm not too sure how it'll all work out, but, I'm very excited.

So, that was surprise number one.
I chose The GAP- only because its a perfect medium.
A little bit of Casual and a little bit of 5th Ave class, i guess.

Now,.. the OTHER surprise....

TA DA!!!

I really like it a lot.
Had an interesting time cutting it.
Theres like, four different hairstyles in this one cut!
I came to the conclusion that short hair looks WAY better on me than long hair does.

OH,.. and bonus surprise....
I bought a camera!
Now you guys get to see my everyday life.
From my sleepy morning face
to my single-handed boredom photographs.

Aren't we all just happy now??!??!?

What a Monday?!?!

Today was a very interesting day.
I spent the entire night job hunting.
Well, a little more than the entire night, more like until 5:30am.
I applied for over 50 positions last night, and I mean 50.
It was kind've in my attempt to show God that I was making an effort.
Of course, I had applied to many stores days before,
but Sunday, my mother sat me down and said,
"Go get your job".

I stared at her thinking to myself,
"Jeeze lady, I've only been unemployed for a month?!"
Upon seeing my reaction, she continued,...
"I told your cousin to go out and find her job, that day- she got it. I told your sister to go out and get her job. That same day, she got it. So I'm telling you now, go out and get your job tomorrow".

Honestly, I laughed.
I mean, I thought it was weird for her to even say that out loud, lol.
Although I told her I would go and re-apply for Urban Outfitters,
I knew within myself- that was SOO not gonna happen, lol.
Everyone eventually fell asleep.
And while I sat out in the living room,
I thought to myself-
"For the past few months, I've desired for God to prove himself. Let me give the guy a shot".

So, at 3am, I got up onto my laptop, and applied for as many jobs as I could before I fell asleep on the keyboard in front of me.
Once 5:30 arrived, and my eyes could no longer stay open,
I shut down the laptop, and hit the sheets.
(Literally. I stood in front of my bed, and repeatedly hit my sheets. LOL! J/P)

Now I'm not sure WHAT time it was.
Maybe it was... I dont know, 10:30, and the chorus of Adele- Chasing Pavements rang in my ears.
My sister walked in with my cell phone in her hands.
The GAP called.
They reviewed my application and wanted me to come in for an interview on Tuesday.
It was awesome, and the manager who called.. I could tell she already loved me, lol.


I went to visit my aunt for a while... the day was just LOVELY.
Considering I had an interview tomorrow,
I figured I should go ahead and wash my hair at my mother's salon in ENY.
WHile there,... I did something pretty outrageous...
(I'll save that for tomorrows blog... leave a little suspense.. HA!)
and, without the slightest idea...
My cell phone rang.
Guess who THAT was guys??
No,.. it wasn't my granny...
It wasn't my boo boo guy,...

Banana Republic called my for an interview...
THIS monday.
So, not only am I freakishly amazing, but, so is God

Now, I already know which one I'm gonna pick.
But, I'll save that for tomorrows blog too.

Aren't you guys just the luckiest.
Two surprises all in one day,

Pray for me yall!!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Alright, Alright...

So, I'm in a YouTube kinda mood.
I should be filling out job apps, but I got a little distracted.
I can honestly say she's one of my VERY favorite artists.
She hardly ever gets credit for her talent, but you've gotta give her credit for this one.

Call Me Corny...

Okay guys,..
Call me corny if ya want...
Say, "Maybe she's in the Sunday Spirit"...
I don't know, I don't care...
There's this really awesome singer...
I like his voice a lot.
My homie Olu put me on to him.
He's from Georia...
Check him out!!

Sunday Mornin'

Usually on Sundays, I'm awakened to a mass of confusion.
My mother rushing me to get dressed, somebody fighting for make-up
Who and who needs to use the iron,... its all just hectic.
This morning was different.
Everyone was in an unusually calm state.
Who needs help with what, jokes on every corner, it was really sweet.
By the time we got to church, I was open and ready to- just hear a word from God.
The message today was pretty basic, but I felt as if it were directed to me alone.
I kinda laughed to myself saying

"Well, if the man wanted to speak to me about something, he could've just called me",
He explained that Christians are people who messed up and want to be Christ-like.
Ya know, for all of us. There's a period in time where we made some MAJOR mistakes.
Like, a good six months or even two years where we just felt like "doing me"

(Not literally ME, like "Nina" me, but me- "myself"- yourself).

I can honestly say that once I graduated High School, I was in the whole "I'm gonna do what I wanna do, because I'm always doing what I have to do. I wanna do something for myself for a change" mindstate.
I mean, theres nothing wrong with doing for yourself, but, have a motive to it, ya know?
And that wasn't what I was doing.
So, along the way of "doing ourselves", we, ended up making bad situations worse, and if not,
Making entirely new issues that never even existed!
But, afterward, we find our way back on the right track

(for some of us, that's God),

And get so high and uptight- forgetting that we were once the same as the people we're discomforted around.
I hate that!

But, that's besides the point.

The part that hit home for me was...
When you feel like you've done the worst possible thing there is...
or that you've made the biggest mistake and you just want ONE THING to work out for you...
Every single one of us know we at some point say
"God, please figure this out, man, like,... you gotta help me out SOME TIME?!".

And THATS the moment where he's listening the most!
That's the point when things can only change for the better!

For example,...

A clear glass sitting on the counter.
No water's in it.
With the pitcher full of water in your hand- ready to fill the glass,
Where else can the water go?
Can it go underneath the glass?
Can it go all over and around the glass?
If you pour water into the glass,
It has no choice but to rise up and into the rim.

I dont know if that made any sense,
But, my point is,
I had been feeling pretty crappy about the events of my LIFETIME.
Like, the past few months sucked MAJOR balls for me,
And I just needed a break.
But, when your at the point of realization that your life is in a frikkin heap of crapola

(Yes, that's one of my words,.. Crapola),

And you feel as if your going absolutely nowhere with what your doing,
the only direction you can go is up,
and I really needed to hear that today.
So, try church...
No, correction,...
Try Jesus...
It just might work*

Then again, your always invited to church with me.
I'm no super christian hero kinda girl,
I mean, we all have things we disagree with, but, I honestly think it works.
I'm not a frikkin retard just talking to myself and making up answers.
Enough of the