Tuesday, June 2, 2009

As I Promised...

So, yesterday, I told you guys I had two surprises for ya.
Today was my interview with GAP.
I got there late. About, 15 minutes late.
Not so too much of a good look.
I got the job.
Pay,... so-so.
But hey, I went from Old Navy SoHo
To GAP- 5th Ave.
The only problem now is-
They didnt tell me the day of orientation.
My cousin is celebrating her 23rd Birthday and we're all going up to Rochester.
I'm not too sure how it'll all work out, but, I'm very excited.

So, that was surprise number one.
I chose The GAP- only because its a perfect medium.
A little bit of Casual and a little bit of 5th Ave class, i guess.

Now,.. the OTHER surprise....

TA DA!!!

I really like it a lot.
Had an interesting time cutting it.
Theres like, four different hairstyles in this one cut!
I came to the conclusion that short hair looks WAY better on me than long hair does.

OH,.. and bonus surprise....
I bought a camera!
Now you guys get to see my everyday life.
From my sleepy morning face
to my single-handed boredom photographs.

Aren't we all just happy now??!??!?

1 comment:

  1. ahhh i hate you for being so beautiful. AND IM HAPPPPPPPY FOR YOUUUUUUUUU. i told you to call me back at exactly 5 and what did you do? not call.!!! im furious missy. and in other news when do you start? we must find out asap. and am i still going to the roc with you guys?