Sunday, June 21, 2009

Back to regular Programming.

Hey guys!
Well, I've been neglecting you all on my personal life and daily ridiculousness.
But of course...
Couldn't veer too far away from that.
I dated this guy I met a few months ago.
Great guy.
Unfortunately,... not great enough.
Now, wait. Hear me out.
I'm not being outrageously picky.
I mean, on first encounter basis, my ideal guy is tall (5'11+),
Brown skin, dark caesar, good skin, athletic, music oriented, appropriately employed, lol... all that.
All those things are epitome qualities id want "my guy" to poses.
I personally don't think its much to desire,.. no biggie, right?
Of course, there are gonna be those guys who catch my eye...
Not exactly David Beckham, but well dressed, super masculine, great smile...
Or Jay Hernandez to a T, but is a starving artist without much of a steady income.
Its cool.
Moneys no biggie right now... that comes in during marriage talk, and Im nowhere near it.

But, back to the main topic,
This guy was cool.
I met him a night out with my friends.
He was well dressed, well spoken, great sense of humor.. all the good stuff.
After speaking to him for a while, of course, i got to know about his personal life.
Now, I love when I can speak to a guy, and he feels comfortable sharing intimate details about himself.
Its nice to know that he trusts me with that.
But, after seriously joking about having a sexually transmitted infection, mid- twenty something, and no job OR career,... is where yuh really tink dis friendship gon go?
I most definitely had to put on my accent for this one.
Clearly, the fact that he felt comfortable sharing that information with me shows he either
A) Is mentally delusional (my statement for the year)
B) Is used to dealing with women or girls who entertain that nonsense.
Maybe its my South American/ Caribbean culture that trained me to believe that men should work, strive for success, and have some sense of respectable pride.
I don't wish to know... atleast not within the first month bout your STI you cant treat because your job at Wendy's fired you for you ganja addiction, lol.
Don't do it, man... just don't do it.

So, upon notice of this guys... problems
I resorted to be reiteratively truthful.
"I am not looking for a relationship (with you)"
"Your a really good friend (from a distance)"
"Yeah,.. I'm fine with being single (if my only option is you, yes)".

But for some strange reason.... he wasn't hearing ANYTHING I had said.
We'd speak on the random, and he'd repeatedly express how he wanted a girlfriend.
Then, he'd proceed to verbalized his level of maturity....
Right up until he asked me to be his girlfriend.

The mere fact that he sincerely believed... with all of his liabilities...
Not to mention his sophomoric tactic
showed me that, not only was he not ready for a relationship with me,
But he just, flat out wasnt my type.

He'd literally whine about it on the phone.
A twenty something year old?!
Lives with mummy.
Its ridiculous,

Please guys, please....
Don't get the wrong idea about me.
I'm not grimey or cold hearted.
It just frustrates me to have to deal with guys who aren't grown up, but want grown up responsibilities,
I'm kidding,... sounding like my Mum.
But, seriously...
I have to be like this.
Because, one day, your gonna have to meet my mum.
And, of course, she'll be respectful to you.
But I'm gonna have to hear it about how strangely prepubescent you are.

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