Thursday, June 4, 2009


Okay, so...
I have the coolest Mom in the WORLD people!
Like, I won't even go into the thousands of retarded stories about this woman.
I mean, she's an Entrepreneur,
Super fashionable,
ALL the young guys want her...
(sometime,... even the ones I like, which isn't always.. ya know... cool, lol)
But, she's going away to South America...
Her homeland,...
LOL..... HA!
(Yeah,.. I don't expect you to get that one... right over your head, lol)

But, she's going to see my grandparents...
THEREFORE subconsciously permitting me to throw a party!!!
Isn't she just amazing?!?!?
So... here ya go!
Check out my Mommy!
(Well... I dont mean LITERALLY check her out, but like,.. look at her... like, SEE what she looks like, lol)

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