Thursday, June 18, 2009

Introducing...The Knux

Im sure for a fact you read that status message on my Facebook a few times?
Or not?
But, The Knux (For some reason, I keep spelling it KNUCKS)
are freakishly awesome.
I first saw'em on my favorite channel VH1 Soul in their Video F!RE (Put it in the Air).
I didn't realize that their song Daddy's Little Girl was the opening song on Angela & Vanessa Simmons Daddys Girls.
Anywho, I love them.
Their receding hairline Afro/Dread/Twists are cool to look at.
Not to mention, their sound is organic and the best to play to liven up a party.
But, the info...
Their both brothers from New Orleans.
Kentrell "Krispy Kream" Lindsey and Alvin "Rah Almillio" Lindsey (My Guy)comprise the group.
Anyway, support them.
Request them.
Listen to their music.
I, for one will do all three.
That, as well as donate to cream for their receding hairlines.
F!RE (Put it in the Air)

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  1. I saw your post on Global Grind and checked it out.
    Your posts are dope.