Friday, June 5, 2009

Late Late Night Art Gallery Shin Dig

Tonight has been one of the most superlative nights I've had in a LONG time.
A good friend of mine, Rebekah invited me out.
Her brother Sly planned to attend an art gallery and she thought I should come.
Along for the ride, was my super fun cousin Merisa.
She always knows how to have a great time.
It was so frikkin strange though.
The whole time I was there, I kept asking myself,
"Who has art showcases after 8pm?"
But it was soo awesome.
While we were there,... met some pretty cool people.
Not to mention....Free drinks. All night.
Take a look, guys.
(Well, not literally "GUYS",... When I say "GUYS", I just mean "YOU GUYS". I don't discriminate lol)

The train ride... that wasn't exactly the most EXCITING part of the night...

Met up with my homie doo wop Rebekah

These kids, lol... the guy (Steven: Personal Stylist) asks me to take a photo of him since he forgot his camera... as you can see, its CLEARLY on his wrist, lol. They were straight though.

This one... mi favorito. Created by Jayson (With a "Y") Atienza... funny guy

Taking this photo was a lot of fun. Some random pretty Blondie woman walked up to us.. shouting a little too loud over the music "You guys want me to take a photo of you? I LOVE taking photographs!"

So this frikkin awesomely cool photographer... Jason.. stops me and says "Hey, you have an interesting look, can I take a photo of you?". A few moments later, he stopped Merisa and asks the VERY same thing... Verbatim, lol. He was awesome though, :]

This picture is my favorite. Natashaaa... A really sweet friend of Rebekah and Sly's. The first thing she said when she saw us was "You two are so beatiful... nice smiles", in her very European accent lol.

LOL!!! HA!!! This was the highlight of my night. All I know was the light turned green and... the girl was stretched out on the pavement. A true genius.

Of course,... food had to fit in this story at SOME point. We hit up Puck Fair. Using only our charm and wit, lol,.. the bouncer let us in. The food was awesome.

Cab ride home was awesome. 20 bucks. Ya gotta love the Yellow Cabs... : ]

To some people, the night might seem simple and corny or just not fun enough to use the word "superlative". It wasnt your typical night out... loud deafening music, FIFTEEN THOUSAND people stepping on your brand new boots or, lights so dim you could hardly see your teeth. The night was smooth because I spent it with some really cool people... hanging out,... listening to music.... drinking, laughing, and getting to know one another.

Didnt even have to stay out till 4am with a hangover and a tat of the name of a guy named Hank.

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