Friday, June 12, 2009

::The Messenger of Rejection::

Nothing hurts worse than being the receiver of rejection.
But,... I must admit, it hurts just as bad when your the sender.
I mean, we all know that at some point of our lives, we experienced some sort of unrequited love, interest, and/ or attraction.
Put ourselves out there- made ourselves vulnerable for some lowly guy or girl, to eventually be shut down, turned away, or in whatever way discontinued.
But it sucks just as badly to be the messenger of rejection.

At one point, I had been friends with this on guy for about 2 months.
To be completely honest, I got tired of him.
And yes, I took advantage of his presence because I was bored.
Whenever I'd get bored, I'd call him.
Whenever I wanted to laugh for a few minutes, I'd call the guy.
It wasn't until I got completely bored and frustrated with his needy... needyness, that I realized It was time to cut him off.

Time went on, giving me an opportunity to think about the way I treated this guy.
I mean, I had, not too long before been in the same situation with someone else, being on the bad end of the bargain.
How much different was I from the guy that "G'd" me?
As I avoided his constant attempts to reunite,
I started to feel even worse.
I thought about it for a good while.
Its never cool- playing with someone's emotions for your own personal comfort or insecurity.
Either way, however it ends up happening, what you do will bite on the neck and I guarantee you'll feel the pain of that person.

When I was about 8years old, my mom dated this guy.
They had a two year long relationship,... talked marriage, the works.
He eventually betrayed her, leading to the end of their relationship.
Eleven years came and went.
Upon the passing of my dear aunt, he came to her funeral,
(considering his,... ya know, relation to the family).
This guy was married, two children.
He lived with the guilt
This man repeatedly apologized to my sister and I... explaining to us how much he loves my mother and didn't mean to hurt us.
Humorously enough, he told us he still considers us his children and still holds on to the artwork and toys we gave him.
Pathetic, isn't it?

Clearly, you guys should see my point.
No matter what the situation,... how it turns out, what it looks like,
It hurts to be the sender of rejection.

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