Tuesday, June 2, 2009

What a Monday?!?!

Today was a very interesting day.
I spent the entire night job hunting.
Well, a little more than the entire night, more like until 5:30am.
I applied for over 50 positions last night, and I mean 50.
It was kind've in my attempt to show God that I was making an effort.
Of course, I had applied to many stores days before,
but Sunday, my mother sat me down and said,
"Go get your job".

I stared at her thinking to myself,
"Jeeze lady, I've only been unemployed for a month?!"
Upon seeing my reaction, she continued,...
"I told your cousin to go out and find her job, that day- she got it. I told your sister to go out and get her job. That same day, she got it. So I'm telling you now, go out and get your job tomorrow".

Honestly, I laughed.
I mean, I thought it was weird for her to even say that out loud, lol.
Although I told her I would go and re-apply for Urban Outfitters,
I knew within myself- that was SOO not gonna happen, lol.
Everyone eventually fell asleep.
And while I sat out in the living room,
I thought to myself-
"For the past few months, I've desired for God to prove himself. Let me give the guy a shot".

So, at 3am, I got up onto my laptop, and applied for as many jobs as I could before I fell asleep on the keyboard in front of me.
Once 5:30 arrived, and my eyes could no longer stay open,
I shut down the laptop, and hit the sheets.
(Literally. I stood in front of my bed, and repeatedly hit my sheets. LOL! J/P)

Now I'm not sure WHAT time it was.
Maybe it was... I dont know, 10:30, and the chorus of Adele- Chasing Pavements rang in my ears.
My sister walked in with my cell phone in her hands.
The GAP called.
They reviewed my application and wanted me to come in for an interview on Tuesday.
It was awesome, and the manager who called.. I could tell she already loved me, lol.


I went to visit my aunt for a while... the day was just LOVELY.
Considering I had an interview tomorrow,
I figured I should go ahead and wash my hair at my mother's salon in ENY.
WHile there,... I did something pretty outrageous...
(I'll save that for tomorrows blog... leave a little suspense.. HA!)
and, without the slightest idea...
My cell phone rang.
Guess who THAT was guys??
No,.. it wasn't my granny...
It wasn't my boo boo guy,...

Banana Republic called my for an interview...
THIS monday.
So, not only am I freakishly amazing, but, so is God

Now, I already know which one I'm gonna pick.
But, I'll save that for tomorrows blog too.

Aren't you guys just the luckiest.
Two surprises all in one day,...lol.

Pray for me yall!!

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