Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Massive Skrew Up

I've been feeling a little strange lately.
While reading Steve Harvey's "Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man",
I, of course came to terms with a lot of things with myself.
Aside from the obvious feelings and revelations you'd have while reading a book like that,
I came upon another discovery.
I had been dating this guy for a while in October.
He was a genuine sweetheart.
Did everything the guys in the book are supposed to do.
Brought me to meet his family...
Invited me for dinners...
Claimed me as his own.

And not that those are impossible achievements,
But, I've ended contact with plenty guys for simple reasons like that.
Not opening doors...
Calling too late.
Not being on time,...
Just not being a gentleman.

But this guy was perfect.
After a movie night at his house, I left my cell phone at his house.
After reiterating to him- he didn't have to bring it over that night,
The next day, he came to my job with my cell phone.
Now, I've known guys who'd try to find ways for the girl to meet them halfway to drop off whatever it was that they left and not even attempt to hand deliver the item.
Although, I was somewhat annoyed by what I considered his "Jamaicaness"
(He's not even Jamaican)
He was the perfect guy to me.
Spoke to me well...
Respected my feelings.
He was great.

Of course...
like the retard I am,
I ditched him for someone else.
I was ubberly into some other guy who I now know to be a massive lame
And I let the good guy go.
Like some guy once said to me.
Wether you feel it now or later...
At some point, your gonna feel it hard for someone you mistakenly let go of.
I definitely feel it now.

So, to M.K.
My apologies... miss you mucho.

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