Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Texter.

Can somebody... ANYBODY explain to me what it is about men...
Well, boys/guys and texting?
Ya know what,... not even texting.
More like texting, IM'ing, BBM'ing... all forms of unorganic electronic communication (except phone calls).
This guy,... I've known him for maybe two years.
Would never go on a date with him.
He can't seem to understand it.
I'll tell you why.
For months and months.
This guys only form of communication had only been through Instant Messaging.
He claimed that despite him having my number, he was too busy to call.
Now, okay.
I've never initiated ANYTHING with this guy.
Its like, "What the heck do you want from me, freak?"
You don't call, always text at the same time even though you never have time?
Whats on your noggin?
The initial introduction,
Transferring of numbers,
All that was him.
Never persued him.
Was never all too interested.
Of course, considering my lack of interest, we lost contact.
Until, not too long ago
We reunited.
We didnt run into one another on the bus.
He didn't stumble upon my number.
He saw me logged in to AIM.
After having only one or two conversations with him,
I was reminded exactly why I stopped communicating with him.
Again, I ended contact.
He texted.
Instant Messaged.
I ignored.
Finally, completely forgetting him,
He instant messaged me.
Asked me why I had been avoiding him.
Apparently, he loved our conversation and couldn't understand my "withdrawl".
Without hesitation,
I admitted to him my dysfuntion.
I was overtly annoyed with his inability to verbally communicate
I mean, how is it, via text are you actually getting to know me?
"LOL" Is not how I truly laugh?
DO YOU even know how I laugh?
Sophomoric, perhaps?
Using the same excuse as before, he was still too busy and didnt have time to talk.
This was severly odd to me considering we were having a half hour long conversation that if exchanged using telecommunication would have cut the time down to a mere 7-10 minutes.
Either way, he apologized with an useless promise of calling me the next night.
I told him I had to work that night.
He didnt understand that I DID NOT WANT TO TALK TO HIM!?
Or maybe the feeling is reciprocal?
Maybe its the other way around?
Maybe he just did not want to speak to me.

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  1. LOL! Funny post cuz in law! I might get addicted to this blog.