Sunday, August 9, 2009

Calling it Quits

I think I've finally decided to call it quits.
I've finally reached the point of complete overwhelming frustration with the opposite sex.
Your too nice, caring, and supportive,
You get treated like trash.
Your too quiet, introverted, and to yourself, you get called the B word.
I dont get it.
I mean, of course, those are all vague examples, but
I really hate the fact that sooo many guys tell me I'm a great girl, right up until our friendship dissipates.

Seriously though, I try to be as supportive, reliable, honest, and caring about everyone.
But, when it comes to guys, they always take me for granted.

For example,
This one guy.
He'd literally cry and whine, and complain about his mom, and I'd listen.
When he needed money to pay for gas, without even asking, I'd give it to him.
When he wasn't working and he needed money for food,
I'd give it to him.
When he just started a new job, I bought the guy a metro card to get through his first week.
After being together for however long we were together, he realized I was marriage material and he wasn't ready for a relationship.
But not just a relationship, period.
A relationship with me.
He ended up with his ex-girlfriend not, but 2 weeks after our split.

Now, Mr. Awesome.
Really sweet guy.
I never feel pressured around him to behave any particular way.
He never tries to make a move, although he's made his interest plain and clear.
I completely appreciate the fact that he knows my values and wont even step foot in the door of relationship talk with me, because of them.
But, once again...
I play the miss home maker position and bring him food to his studio,
Invite him to the house when the family cooks,
And make myself available when he wants to hang out.
Finally, I arrange a day for the two of us to hang,
He forgets and ends up making plans.
Although, he invited me, I declined.
Its the fact that I was able to remember something so simple and my time, or even, us spending time together was the farthest thing from his mind.
But, of course, I forgave the mistake.
We make plans for the very next day.
I call him.
He answers, and we agree to speak in a little while to finalize everything.
As you can already tell,
He doesnt call me back.

I mean, of course I know now not to hang with the guy,
But what is it about them that makes them feel no shame or mercy when it comes to me?
Why arent they afraid to let me down as I would be them?

This is why,
I have officially decided to stop dating, hanging out, seeing people, anything that involves interacting with the opposite sex.
No, to the retard who's gonna ask if I'm saying Ive decided to become lesbian,
I believe in Jesus and to be quite frank, lesbianism, gays, bisexuals, bestiality, zoophilia, all those things wont be allowed in heaven.
Considering I see myself being there, I'd like to not entertain those ideas.

But, anyway, I quit on guys for a while.
So, if you need me, I'll be in the library somewhere reading a novel or something.


  1. Thanks for the comment! How'd you find me anyway? Yeah dudes aren't usually the most honest creatures. Just like how some girls like guys that aren't necessarily good for them, guys chase girls like that too. I hope that male interaction ban will be momentarily lifted just for the sake of checking out my pictures from time to time. Thanks for checking it out. Take care my fellow taurus.

  2. No problemo...
    BlackBerry to Facebook... Facebook to the Mills site, lol.

    I pretty much saw and clicked the link under one of your pics.

    But, your work is cool... Thanks for checking out my page too.