Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Send Prince Charming

Im laying in my bed.
But I haven't exactly figured out how to fall asleep.
I logged off Facebook, and decided to check my blog.
As I was reading it, I realized how doggon scorned I sound.
Like, Im laughing as I write this, but, Its a shame.

My friend Allan and I have this little joke about how ALL West Indian moms are born scorned or like, irate, lol.
But, I wasnt always like this, lol.
I was the happiest person you could meet.
Always laughing, smiling, not a negative word could be found in my mouth.
Although, Im not too different,
It just sucks that I am so upset all the time.
Its like, I ask God all the time, do you really want me to be happy?
I see all this good happening for everyone else around me, but none for myself.
I for once would like to be the girl in the annoyingly adorable relationship.
I mean, I know Im a cool person, and I deserve all this, but, I just really dont understand when and where it could be.

All the old guys and Ex's wanna get back in the picture now, but I'm soo over em.
Send Prince Charming over already, lol.

Its so funny, my and my BFF Authentik SupaFlai went to the beach.
Her boyfriend dropped her off.
We get to the beach, alll these doggon couples.

The worst part was, when the sun started setting,
I felt soo romantic.
I wished soo badly to have someone there with me to cuddle with.
I feel so bad too when my friends ask to double date, but I have absolutely NO qualifying prospects to accompany me.

Now,Im not saying, there arent any guys in the equation,
but, not ONE of them end up in the solution.

Wish me luck ppl.
All I ask is for a long term smile on my face.
Thats it.

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